At EMZ-M electron microscopic examinations can be carried out both as own work or as service measurement. For an efficient and successful use of the electron microscope resources of the EMC-M careful planning should preced the work and the following list of questions needs to be resolved fundamentally. Employees in the EMC-M can assist in resolving those issues.

  • Which exact question I have regarding my sample ?
  • Can this question be solved by means of electron microscopy ?
  • What danger class has the sample ?
  • Which device should I use?
  • What research I have already done ?
  • How must the sample be handled ?
  • What preparation methods should be used ?
  • Which measurement methods are useful?
  • Which evaluations have to be done ?

To independently operate the devices of the EMC-M:

In order to use the resources of the EMC-M independently, you must submit a request to the respective coordinator of the necessary equipment, after receiving a training there you will be released for booking in the booking system. The training is carried out by the technical support of the respective device. The release requires sufficient electron microscopy skills. Furthermore, there should be for each user a cost acceptance confirmation. If you need special sample holder, such as cryo, cooling or heating, the use must also be explained to you.

You wish to obtain service at the EMC-M:

If you do not want to carry out the electron microscopic work, the employees of EMC-M (additional charge 30 €/h) will provide service measurements. Also in this case the questions listed above should be discussed with the leading scientists comprehensively. After the examination you will receive the generated raw data and a log of measurement. Depending on the agreement, the evaluation of the data can be performed in EMC-M or by yourself.

You belong to an external institution or an industrial company :

This work must be offered after planning. About possibilities and conditions the management of the EMC-M as well as the coordinators of the respective devices will inform you.