FEI Tecnai F30


Foto: JGU

The FEI Tecnai F30 ST TEM with field emission gun and Super Twin objective lens is suitable for acceleration voltages of 300 kV to 100 kV . In addition to direct high-resolution electron microscopy images can be taken with the integrated scanning unit (STEM) and the associated sensitive wide-angle dark field detector (HAADF). For elemental analysis energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) is available for point analysis, line profile and element distribution diagrams. Energy filtered images are possible in addition (EFTEM).

The Tecnai F30 is equipped with cryo-plates as anti-contaminator supporting Cryo-TEM. Along with a large selection of cryo-transfer and cooled or heated sample holders this configuration covers almost all temperature-dependent issues.

Tomographic studies can be performed both in reciprocal space and in direct space. For the automated electron diffraction tomography (ADT) there is electron beam precession unit available. Software dedicated to these measurements (eADT, in-line holography) are described in section methods.

Acceleration voltage300 kV
Gun typeSchottky FEG
Specified point resolution0.19 nm
Specified line resolution
(information limit)
0.12 nm
TEM magnification range20 x - 1 Mio x
Cameraon axis US4000 CCD 4kx4k
Scanning unit (STEM)FEI
Dark field detectorsFischione HAADF
Specified STEM resolution0.2 nm
Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometerEDAX EDAMIII
Lateral resolution for elemental mapping< 2 nm
Imaging add-onsretractable Cryo-plates (anticontaminator)
Sample holdersingle tilt, double tilt, double tilt (background reduced), cooled double tilt (background reduced), rotation with double tilt (background reduced), heating (up to 1300°C), Cryo-transfer, tomography with rotation, Cryo-Transfertomography
Diffraction Add-onsElectron beam precession (Nanomegas Digistar) and 10 µm C2-Apperture