Ultra microtomy


The ultramicrotomy is suitable as a method for producing thin sections for almost all materials. Depending on the intended method of analysis (light microscopy, AFM, SEM or TEM), the slice thicknesses can be reduced to 40nm.
In EMC-M multiple Ultramicrotomes Leica Ultracut are equipped with glass knives or different crafted knives of diamond allowing optimum adaptation to the mechanical properties of the sample. Depending on requirements, the samples can be embedded in various matrix materials and then be optimally prepared for the manufacture of ultra-thin slices with a cutter (Leica EM-Trim). In addition, a Leica Ultracut with Cryo-top (FC4) is present. It is thus possible, to cut samples such as polymers with a low glass temperature at a defined temperature.

Leica Ultracut (@ JGU)
diamond knife geometry35° und 45°, Cryo- Trocken 25°, diamond trimming blades
Add-onscryo-chamber FC4
Leica Ultracut (@MPI-P)