Scanning electron microscopes (SEM) provide precise analysis of the sample’s surface and chemical composition. By using highly coherent and stable field emission guns (FEG), resolutions up to 1 nanometer are attained, such as for the SU-8000, NanoSEM, and the Gemini. SEMs at EMZ-M are designed for a variety of sample geometries, from nanoparticles to standard-sized wafers, and enable working e.g. under gas atmosphere. Sample transfer is quick and straight-forward, thus facilitating high-throughput analyses. Some of our instruments are equipped with X-ray spectrometers, and provide multiple electron detectors that enable simultaneous measurement of a multitude of sample properties:

  • Everhart-Thornley detectors (ETD)
  • Through-lens detectors (TLD)
  • In-lens detectors
  • Low-voltage detectors
  • Detectors for backscattered electrons(BSED)