Hitachi SU-8000


Foto: MPI-P

The Hitachi SU8000 is a versatile SEM offering a wide range of imaging and detection capabilities. For a stable operation and an excellent resolution it is operated with a cold field emitter gun. In addition to the good electron optical properties it comes with different detection systems in order to exploit a wide range of contrast formation mechanisms. Due to it´s low-kV mode it is possible to inspect non-conducting samples without the need for applying a conductive coating prior to inspection.

For chemical analysis the SU8000 is equipped with an energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer (EDS or EDX) utilizing local chemical analysis of the sample.

For wet samples and for samples that undergo morphological changes during drying the SU8000 is equipped with a cryo-preparation and –transfer system as well.

Acceleration voltage0.5 ... 30 kV
0.1 ... 2.0 kV in DM
Gun type Cold FEG
Specified point resolution1.0 nm (@ 15 kV und WD = 4mm)
1.3 nm (@ 1kV Spannung, WD = 1.5 mm)
DetectorsIn-lens(top, bottom), Everhart-Thormley, Transmission
Energy filterExB
Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometerBruker Quantax
Add-onsCryo-preparation with Cryo-Desk
Sample holder8x, STEM Dark- and Bright field, cross section