FEI Nova NanoSEM


Foto: JGU

The FEI Nova NanoSEM is equipped with a field emission emitter and suitable for high resolutions. Various detectors allow a wide range for imaging. It is equipped with an energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer. There is also a cryogenic system with freeze-fracture unit.

Acceleration voltage0.5 - 30 kV
Gun typeSchottky FEG
Beam current0.3 - 22 pA
Specified point resolution1.8 nm bei 1 kV (SE)
1.0 nm bei 15 kV (SE)
DetectorsEverhart-Thornley (ETD), Through lens (TLD), Low-kV high-contrast (vCD), back scattered electrons (BSED)
Scanning unit (STEM)
Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometerEDAX-Pegasus X4M
Add-onsCryo-preparation with Cryo-desk